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Why do we celebrate Easter?

Why do we celebrate Easter?

Why do we celebrate Easter

Easter is celebrated as the day of rebirth of Jesus Christ, which happened 3 days after his burial. The Easter Sunday is marked as the day when Jesus had risen from dead, leaving his tomb. This moveable festival falls on the first Sunday after the paschal full moon.

Greetings, Easter eggs, and Church clippings represent this holy occasion. Easter eggs show the hatchling of God’s only son from his tomb. 

When Mary Magdalene visited the tomb after Jesus’s death, she found it empty and an angel informed her that Jesus had risen. Christians are celebrating this event since centuries, tracing back to the pagans. The word Easter is originated from Ostara who is the goddess of rebirth.

In 325 CE, Council of Nicaea decided the day of celebration to reduce the probabilities of its falling on the day of Jewish Passover. Julian calendar is used to decide the date of Easter. It is the celebration of faith in god and his untamed powers which resurrected Jesus from dead.

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Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Why do we celebrate Christmas

Christmas is the most important and broadly celebrated Christian festival which falls on December 25 of every year. Celebrated with rejoicements, it is considered as the holy day when Jesus Christ was born. This occasion, in honor of savior god, was first time hosted in 336 AD.

On this auspicious day, god sent his beloved and only son to earth, for the welfare of humankind. This festival is the merriment of incarnation of our creator.

There are multiple stories related to Christmas which expands the celebration causes. Another story talks about Saint Nicholas, a kind saint who used to distribute gifts to poor and helpless kids, especially the poverty-struck daughters for rewarding the noble spirits. In his memory, many people replicate that cheerful red and white costume with the famous ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ giggling sound while distributing gifts among small children to surprise them.

Today, Christmas and Santa Claus are inseparable. Christmas will remain an awesome joyful occasion, known for the huge family gathering, the birth of Jesus Christ, the nobility of Santa Claus, holidays, beginning of spring and parties.

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